About the South Bend Clinic


Even in 1916 the Mayo Clinic was an impressive health care facility. That's what Dr. Walter Baker, a South Bend surgeon, thought when he visited the nationally known Clinic. It was the first nonprofit group practice in the world, and doctors from a variety of medical specialties came together there to care for patients. They believed "the needs of the patient come first." So did Dr. Baker. In fact, he was so inspired by what he saw that when he returned to South Bend, he gathered six other specialists, and they formed the South Bend Clinic.

Since its inception, the Clinic has provided primary and specialized care to its patients. More important, it has remained committed to the high-quality, personalized care that Dr. Baker and his partners established so long ago. Today, more than 90 physicians in 10 different locations serve the Michiana community, providing a range and quality of health care that is second to none.

The South Bend Clinic was organized in 1916 and was located in downtown South Bend on Lafayette Street. The Clinic built and relocated to 211 North Eddy Street in 1964. A total of four facility expansions have occurred since the original construction. The recent three-story building addition architecturally integrated with the existing building, resulted in a total space of 200,000 square feet.

The South Bend Clinic's expansion created new jobs for more than 110 staff of health care and support workers, including the addition of 10 new physicians on the main medical campus.