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The Indiana State Department of Health identified the West Nile virus in a person in St. Joseph County.

So far, there have been no positive samples taken from mosquito pools in the county, but the health department says beware -- virus transmission is active.

"People over the age of 50 are at the greatest risk of contracting the more severe cases of West Nile,” said Dr. Robert Oppman with the South Bend Clinic in Granger.

Dr. Oppman says the majority of people who contract the virus won't ever know they have it.

"About 20 percent of people will get symptoms and generally those are mild. Maybe a fever, muscle aches,” he said.

Health experts say when it comes to protecting yourself, avoid being outside during dusk and dawn. Also, make sure your doors and windows have screens.

"Also, wearing long sleeves. Wearing Deet is important. Ages 2 to 12 10 percent Deet would be appropriate.  Older than age 12 adults 25 to 50 percent Deet,” said Oppman.

There are steps you can take to minimize mosquito breeding grounds. One of them is emptying out the water in your birdbath on a regular basis.

Mosquitoes can develop in any puddle of water that's around for more than four days.

This year, the first human case of West Nile in Indiana was identified just last week in Huntington County, near Fort Wayne.

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Posted on August 27, 2015