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Dr. Groh - Dr. N welcome handshake.jpgJuly 30, 2015 - “I’ve known him since he was four.  He was one of our neighbor kids,” says Dr. Jeff Niespodziany smiling.   ”He was friends with my son and came and swam in our pool.  And that’s where it started.”

It was the start of a friendship that just may have been pivotal in Dr. Corey Groh’s life.  Dr. Groh just joined The South Bend Clinic as our new podiatrist, but he is no stranger here.  He started talking to Dr. Niespodziany about podiatry many years ago.  

“He mentored me from a young age on,” Groh says.  When Corey started considering medical school, the two talked about all of the possibilities.  And after Corey had gone off to college, Dr. Niespodziany invited him to spend some time with him at SBC.  Before long, Groh was helping him during vacations and holidays.   Early on, Dr. Niespodziany knew he wanted Corey here at The South Bend Clinic. “He has good people skills,” Niespodziany says.   “I knew he had a level of intensity.  He wants to get it right.  He wants to do the right thing.”

And while Dr. Groh explored other specialties and shadowed others in orthopedics, family practice, and anesthesia, he was very drawn to podiatry.  Many in the field call it, “a feel good profession.”    

“A lot of times when people come to the podiatry clinic,” Dr. Groh says, “They’ll be hurting, and they’ll be feeling better by the time they leave.  It’s something not a lot of specialties can do because it takes time for people to heal.  But many times, we can do something to help them feel better that same day.  It’s gratifying.”

While he had other opportunities, Dr. Groh is excited to be home in Michiana practicing with his mentor in a podiatry department that has grown by 32 percent.  

“I love it here,” says Groh.  “All my family is here.  I have great friends here.  It’s a great town.  It has everything I want.” 

And while Dr. Niespodziany is excited about his new partner, he’s humble about his role in it all. 

“It’s kind of funny when people say you are a mentor.  I don’t really feel like I’m a mentor.  I just encourage people,” Niespodziany says.    “I didn’t really do anything.  He did it all.  He had to go to school.  He had to get good grades.  I just encouraged him.” 

Dr. Groh will be practicing downtown at The South Bend Clinic on North Eddy, as well as our campuses at Ironwood, New Carlisle, and Valparaiso.  To make an appointment, call:  574.259.9668.

Posted on July 30, 2015