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Hearing Aid Services

We have a full staff of audiologists to help recommend and select, fit, adjust and service all of the hearing aids we fit here at The South Bend Clinic as well as many hearing aids that were fit elsewhere. 

Hearing Aid Evaluations

A hearing aid evaluation appointment is scheduled for the patient with an audiologist after a diagnosis of hearing loss is made.  During this appointment, a pair of hearing aids is programmed for the patient to try on in order to give the patient a brief demonstration of what hearing aids sound like.  While the patient is wearing the hearing aids, the patient and audiologist will discuss different hearing aid options including style, technology level, optional accessories and cost of hearing aids.  Once the most appropriate hearing aids for the patient have been selected, the hearing aids will be ordered and a fitting appointment will be scheduled. 

Hearing Aid Fitting/Dispensing

At a hearing aid fitting appointment, the recently selected hearing aids will be programmed and fit for the patient according to their most recent hearing thresholds, research-based prescriptive settings and patient feedback.  The patient will be counseled on appropriate use, care and maintenance of the hearing aids and will practice inserting, removing and manipulating the hearing aids in the clinic in order to feel prepared to use the hearing aids successfully at home.  Newly fit hearing aids come with a trial period as well as manufacturer’s warranty. 

Hearing Aid Follow-up/Adjustments

Hearing aid checks are scheduled following recently being fit with new hearing aids or anytime a patient is experiencing difficulties or would like adjustments made to their hearing aid settings.  At this appointment, real-ear measures are often used to ensure the hearing aids are functioning appropriately and the research-based prescriptive targets for amplification are being met.    

Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing aid repairs can often be completed in the clinic during a hearing aid check appointment.  If a hearing aid cannot be repaired in clinic it will be sent to the manufacturer for repair.  Patients may also drop their hearing aids off at the audiology/ENT front desk for an audiologist to take a look at when free time is available.  The patient will be contacted within one to two days with the diagnosis and recommendations.   

Assistive Listening Devices and Hearing Aid Accessories

Assistive listening devices and hearing aid accessories are available to help patients better understand conversation in noisy environments, while on their cell phone or while watching TV.  Additionally, Bluetooth streamers can be paired with hearing aids to make cell phone calls and music streaming hands and ear bud free. Remote controls are available to aid patients in making volume and program changes to their hearing aids instead of having to adjust while on the ear.


Hearing aid batteries can last from 3-14 days depending on size of the battery and hours of use.  Hearing aid batteries are available for purchase in our on-site pharmacy.