Other Services

The Hearing Professionals at the South Bend Clinic also provide other products and services to help with hearing and balance needs.

Custom-made Noise Reduction Earplugs

We can help prevent hearing loss and protect your hearing from loud noises, manufacturing situations, etc., with custom-made noise reduction earplugs. This means we take an impression of your ears, and our lab technicians fabricate plugs that fit your ears … every bump and curve, inside and out … for a perfect acoustic seal and maximum comfort.

Custom-made Swim Plugs

Wax plugs may be fine for studying or sleeping, but the best way to protect your ears in the water is to use earplugs made of silicon or rubber. Both are excellent for aquatic activities. We custom-fit swim plugs for children and adults with perforations in their eardrums or pressure equalization tube problems.

Musicians' Earplugs

If you need to reduce the volume without totally muffling the experience or distorting the sound, we recommend musicians' earplugs. Many of these plugs accept different filters, so you can adjust the level of sound you need without buying plugs for each situation.